Monthly Archives: December 2010

The BigBoxoCo Disco Party: Why Segmentation is Good

As the freshly brewed coffee enters my mouth, I experience my first glimpse of consciousness for the day. “Where am I?” I mutter, in broken English. The gray walls around me slowly come into focus, lit by the flickering of a long-in-the-tooth fluorescent bulb. The top half of a man’s face appears over the top […]

New Song — Spelunkatronis

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this track, other than that it is one of my first songs that actually feels somewhat finished. I had a lot of fun making this one. In particular, I fell in love with Ableton Live’s Collision instrument and the infinite variety of bell-like sounds that it […]

C++ Streams & Typedefs: Be Charful

The C++ typedef keyword is indispensable in many situations, especially for writing portable low-level code. However, in some circumstances it can cause trouble, particularly when it comes to function overloading. Consider the following C++ template class: template <typename T> struct foobar {     foobar( const T foo ) : foo_( foo ) {}   […]

New Song — Tecate Plus

This song is a little bit newer; I made it sometime in early 2010. I can’t cite any specific inspiration in its making, but as the title might suggest, alcohol had something to do with it. Really, I think that this song was just the result of my recent acquisition of a legitimate copy of […]

New Song — Arabesque

I made this song a couple years back, mostly due to inspiration from the demoscene. I was also listening to a lot of Commodore 64 music at the time (both classics and modern originals composed for the SID chip). The MOS Technology SID chips used for audio synthesis in the C64 were extremely advanced, and […]

The Terror of the Long Comment

A code comment can be a wonderful thing. It can offer a gem of context around a quirky bit of code that will make the reader’s life easier for years to come: // Fields c and d are intentionally switched in version 3 of the // protocol; see RFC 2324 S 12. fields.push_back( a ); fields.push_back( […]