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New Song — Codename Mystic

Here’s another song. I haven’t bothered naming it yet, so I’ll just release it under the codename I’ve been using. The song again features Ableton’s Collision instrument for the bells in the beginning. It was partly inspired by the upbeat and airy sound of Aphex Twin’s Flim, which is one of my favorite tracks of […]

New Song — Spelunkatronis

I don’t have a whole lot to say about this track, other than that it is one of my first songs that actually feels somewhat finished. I had a lot of fun making this one. In particular, I fell in love with Ableton Live’s Collision instrument and the infinite variety of bell-like sounds that it […]

New Song — Tecate Plus

This song is a little bit newer; I made it sometime in early 2010. I can’t cite any specific inspiration in its making, but as the title might suggest, alcohol had something to do with it. Really, I think that this song was just the result of my recent acquisition of a legitimate copy of […]