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New Song — Codename Mystic

Here’s anoth­er song. I haven’t both­ered nam­ing it yet, so I’ll just release it under the code­name I’ve been using. The song again fea­tures Ableton’s Collision instru­ment for the bells in the begin­ning. It was part­ly inspired by the upbeat and airy sound of Aphex Twin’s Flim, which is one of my favorite tracks of […]

New Song — Tecate Plus

This song is a lit­tle bit new­er; I made it some­time in ear­ly 2010. I can’t cite any spe­cif­ic inspi­ra­tion in its mak­ing, but as the title might sug­gest, alco­hol had some­thing to do with it. Really, I think that this song was just the result of my recent acqui­si­tion of a legit­i­mate copy of […]