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un·be·known·sties | un·be·known·sti·er | un·be·known·stie·st noun /ˌənbəˈnōnstēz/ A lack of awareness of current events, commonly used with “a case of”. “I had a really bad case of the unbeknowsties the other day when I left my cell phone at home and couldn’t read the news.” “She must be the unbeknownstiest girl I know — she wasn’t even aware that […]


hide-first-letter slop·ti·mize | slop·ti·mized | slop·ti·miz·ing verb \ˈsläp-tə-ˌmīz\ To make a program run faster by decreasing the accuracy of its output. Examples of sloptimize We changed the calculations to use 32-bit floats instead of 64-bit doubles, and got a 20% speedup.