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un·be·known·sties | un·be·known·sti·er | un·be·known·stie·st noun /ˌənbəˈnōnstēz/ A lack of awareness of current events, commonly used with “a case of”. “I had a really bad case of the unbeknowsties the other day when I left my cell phone at home and couldn’t read the news.” “She must be the unbeknownstiest girl I know — she wasn’t even aware that […]

Building School Seating Charts in Clojure and ClojureScript: Part 1

I recently launched a little side-project web app, School Seating Charts, which makes it easier (and faster!) for teachers to build seating charts for their classrooms. The site is built entirely in Clojure and ClojureScript, which have been a pleasure to work with. While writing this post, I realized that, for better or worse, I have […]

Introducing Digbuild

I’d like to introduce Digbuild, an open-source game engine inspired by the excellent game Minecraft (and Infiniminer before it — that’s right, Minecraft is itself a clone). I’ve been working on it on and off in my spare time for a few months now, and today I decided that it’s ready to show to the […]

Boot a Kernel over Serial with U-Boot and Kermit

I’m doing a little bit of work that involves frequently rebuilding the Linux kernel and installing it on a headless ARM board. The particular ARM board I’m working with has some vendor support for flashing kernels, but it’s slow and clunky, and I have to run it inside a Windows XP VM. The ARM board […]

Telecommuting Has Benefits, Too

Recently I’ve run across a few articles (on Hacker News and elsewhere) about the drawbacks of telecommuting. I agree that there are drawbacks, but I believe that they can be counterbalanced by the benefits under the right circumstances. The Right Circumstances Not every person is cut out to telecommute, and not every job is suitable […]


hide-first-letter slop·ti·mize | slop·ti·mized | slop·ti·miz·ing verb \ˈsläp-tə-ˌmīz\ To make a program run faster by decreasing the accuracy of its output. Examples of sloptimize We changed the calculations to use 32-bit floats instead of 64-bit doubles, and got a 20% speedup.

Please Don’t Request User Input in the Middle of a Lengthy Task

It’s happened to everyone. You kick off a software installer, answer a few questions about how you’d like things set up, click next and you’re presented with a long progress bar. “No problem,” you think to yourself, “this is a good excuse to grab a cuppa joe.” You leave the computer to its business and […]

Introducing cppsh: A bash-Like Shell with C++ Syntax

It’s been a long time in the making, but I am proud to announce the first beta release of cppsh, the bash-like shell specifically designed for those engineers who find themselves most comfortable at the reins of a C++ compiler. The best features from both bash and the C++ language come together in cppsh to […]

New Song — Codename Mystic

Here’s another song. I haven’t bothered naming it yet, so I’ll just release it under the codename I’ve been using. The song again features Ableton’s Collision instrument for the bells in the beginning. It was partly inspired by the upbeat and airy sound of Aphex Twin’s Flim, which is one of my favorite tracks of […]

The BigBoxoCo Disco Party: Why Segmentation is Good

As the freshly brewed coffee enters my mouth, I experience my first glimpse of consciousness for the day. “Where am I?” I mutter, in broken English. The gray walls around me slowly come into focus, lit by the flickering of a long-in-the-tooth fluorescent bulb. The top half of a man’s face appears over the top […]