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Please Don’t Request User Input in the Middle of a Lengthy Task

It’s hap­pened to every­one. You kick off a soft­ware installer, answer a few ques­tions about how you’d like things set up, click next and you’re pre­sent­ed with a long progress bar. “No prob­lem,” you think to your­self, “this is a good excuse to grab a cup­pa joe.” You leave the com­put­er to its busi­ness and […]

The BigBoxoCo Disco Party: Why Segmentation is Good

As the fresh­ly brewed cof­fee enters my mouth, I expe­ri­ence my first glimpse of con­scious­ness for the day. “Where am I?” I mut­ter, in bro­ken English. The gray walls around me slow­ly come into focus, lit by the flick­er­ing of a long-in-the-tooth flu­o­res­cent bulb. The top half of a man’s face appears over the top […]