New Song — Arabesque

64K is a lot of memory.

I made this song a couple years back, mostly due to inspiration from the demoscene. I was also listening to a lot of Commodore 64 music at the time (both classics and modern originals composed for the SID chip). The MOS Technology SID chips used for audio synthesis in the C64 were extremely advanced, and way ahead of their time, featuring things like ASDR envelopes which are normally found on standalone synthesisers. Speaking of which, the SID chips had such a following that Elektron put together a standalone sound module based on them called the SidStation. Of course the SID can be accurately emulated in software, but that won’t stop the hardware purists from pining for the original, flawed hardware. At any rate, I don’t have a SID chip or an emulator, but that didn’t stop me from trying to make a SID-like song!

Evan Mezeske — Arabesque

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